Have been wondering what the FIFA 15 transfer market would look like after FIFA 16 has been released.

Given the state of the market now, I could see FIFA 15 UT becoming almost unplayable in terms of the transfer market. There is no way I could see EA continuing to update price ranges on FIFA 15 once the newer version is released.

Of course, most players will move on to FIFA 16 and thus the ‚Äėdemand‚Äô for items would decrease dramatically. But surely there are people who will stay on FIFA 15 and those who might want to get cheap Fifa 16 coins it for a ‚Äėthrowback‚Äô every once in a while. Maybe we will see it reach the point like on the PC platform where even position cards are extinct or even worse.

The demand decrease will most likely mirror the supply decrease as everyone moves on. Players will sit in clubs of those who move on, packs will not be opened, and it will eventually just be a market between whoever is left (demand), with whatever they have left(supply).

I’m not so sure if I am going to join in the Fifa 16 madness so once Fifa 16 is out, I would love to see EA revert back to the original open transfer market without price ranges for 15.


I don’t see the prices ever getting updated so there will be 0 use of keeping them because of the mass migration to 16 and the lower demand combined with heaps of good cards on the market should bring prices down. (Is this year the record for most special cards in one season of FUT?)

Also I know that the last TOTW will be in packs forever, but it would be a maniacal dream if every single special card released in this season were to be released in packs. It might even spark some ongoing interest and increase Fifa 15 revenue for EA even after it becomes outdated. Win-Win guys.